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Woman hit by meteorite in France

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A woman in France was drinking coffee with a friend in a summer cafe when she suddenly heard a tapping sound coming from the roof of a nearby building, and then she felt a shock on the ribs. It soon turned out she was struck by a meteorite.


According to experts, the odds of getting hit by a meteor are roughly that of winning the lottery twice, or flipping a coin and having it come up heads 44 times in a row.

The space rock was handed over to geologist Thierry Rebmann. He found that it contained a mixture of iron and silicon, indicating a meteoritic origin, DNA reports.

A similar incident occurred in 1954, when a woman in Alabama was hit by a meteorite weighing about four kilograms. It crashed through her ceiling, leaving a deep bruise. The incident is often cited as the most famous example of an extremely rare event.

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