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Sailors developing new phobia of killer whales breaking yachts

  1. Incidents

Another yacht has been attacked by killer whales off the coast of Spain. Similar incidents have become more frequent over the past few months. This time, the attack took place off the coast of Estepona in the Spanish part of the Mediterranean Sea. Organizers of the Copa del Rey regatta tweeted that the Kapote Tercero boat was intercepted by killer whales on its way to the race.


The crew was not injured, but the ship’s rudder turned out to be destroyed, as it was taken out of the water. According to the crew members, they felt a very strong hit and the rudder started to turn; then the boat heeled completely.

The crew did everything they could: they lowered gears, furled the sails, and went in reverse because that’s what you are supposed to do in a situation like that. There were three or four killer whales; two were observing, and the other two were acting. Due to the damage, the crew members were unable to steer, so the yacht was towed to the nearest marina. They had to call for help when they entered the harbor in the middle of the night, as they were heading towards the rocks.

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