German observatory mysteriously disappears from Baltic Sea bottom: scientists have no clues

GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research reported the mysterious disappearance of a German underwater scientific observatory from the Baltic seabed.
© Forschungstauchzentrum der CAU
The observatory was installed in December 2016 at a depth of 22 meters off the coast of Germany, and these waters are closed to navigation. The exact location of the observatory was never disclosed. It made its final data transmission on August 21. When divers reached the bottom of the sea, they found only the torn off land cable.
What happened to the scientific observatory worth about 300,000 euros? The police are investigating the case, but so far there is no version that would explain what happened. However, it is known that the observatory was not swept away by the current, as its racks weighed 520 and 220 kilograms. A representative of the center ruled out deliberate theft of the observatory, because it is too heavy, was positioned at a great depth in a restricted area.
Researchers are concerned about the scientific data rather than the cost of the observatory. It measured salt and oxygen levels in the water, which helped to explore the Baltic Sea and take appropriate measures in time.


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