15 football players injured by lightning strike in southern Germany

On August 9, lightning struck a football field in Heiligenzimmern (Baden-Württemberg), southern Germany. Players were exercising there at the time. As a result, 15 players aged 19 to 48 were injured, and all of them were taken to hospital.
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A match between the German football clubs Sandhausen and Borussia Mönchengladbach scheduled for August 10 was delayed by a thunderstorm.
Heavy rains damaged spotlights at Hardtwald Stadium, while about 400 visitors to the Taubertal music festival were evacuated in Rothenburg, Bavaria.
Bavarian rescue services received many calls related to the storm. More than 100 cases of power outages and fallen trees were reported in Ludwigshafen. In addition, according to media reports, one person was killed in a drowning accident in Karlsruhe.


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