Landslide in Myanmar kills more than 30 people

On Friday, August 9, a landslide killed at least 32 people in Myanmar, while dozens went missing. Rescuers pulled bodies from the rubble of homes on Saturday.
Heavy rain caused the landslide in Paung in Mon State. Buildings and people were buried under mud.
«The rescue team found 22 bodies yesterday and seven more this morning,» Director of Mon State’s fire department told Reuters, adding that 28 survivors were rescued. Three more bodies were pulled out of the mud while he was giving an interview.
According to the UN, heavy rains have battered southern Myanmar for several days, causing floods that have resulted in the evacuation of at least 12,000 people.
Standing next to the ruins of her house, 35-year-old Nyo Nyo Win said, «This was my home. Now, everything is gone. We have nothing left.» Nine members of her family died, including her son and father. Lamp posts started to fall right on the road, and villagers ran to their homes, she said.
«All the people who made it to their homes were buried, including my father and eight children who were at home. It happened so fast, just in seconds.»
Survivors were sent to a hospital in the nearest town, Mawlamyine.
«First, I heard a ‘boom’ sound and I was under the mud,» said a witnesses of the tragedy. The man’s left leg was badly scratched when he tried to free himself.
The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that houses and a school have been washed away in other settlements affected by the flood. Heavy rains will continue in the coming days.


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