Polar bear invasion on Novaya Zemlya causes state of emergency

A state of emergency has been declared in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, which is part of the Arkhangelsk region. According to TASS, it is caused by the invasion of polar bears.
The press service of the regional governor and government said more polar bear visits had been recorded. For example, 52 animals have been seen near the village of Belushya Guba, while six to ten individuals are living within the village. Polar bears can be aggressive — there were cases of attacks on people and home invasions.
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Deputy head of administration of Novaya Zemlya, Alexander Minaev, says local residents have been asking the authorities to handle the situation. The plan is to send a team to the archipelago to study the situation and drive bears away without using weapons (shooting Red List animals is prohibited).
To ensure the safety of people living in the village, fences have been installed near kindergartens, children, military and employees are transported by special vehicles, and the territory of the village is patrolled.


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