Hospital roof collapses in Saratov region because of snow

On Friday, February 8, a hospital roof collapsed in the village of Zolotoe in the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Saratov region. According to preliminary information, the collapse was caused by snow accumulation on the roof, Versiya-Saratov news agency reports.
Experts are currently examining the premises, with a plan to be developed afterwards. According to the Health Ministry of the Saratov region, the roof collapsed due to structural features and weather conditions.
© Saratov Region Prosecutor’s Office
The ministry said the outpatient department would be partially transferred to the local community center for the repair period. Residents of the village have been informed, and there will be no problems with the provision of medical services.
The head of the district, Alexey Petaev, told reporters that hospital facade was repaired and windows were replaced this year. There was no need to repair the roof, but the weather consequences were unpredictable.


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