Plane struggles to land because of strong winds: video

A plane flying from Hyderabad (India) to London had difficulty landing at Heathrow Airport because of strong winds, Regnum reports. The extreme landing was captured on video and shared on social media.
At first, it seemed that the pilot’s attempts to land would fail. The wind was so strong that the plane touched the ground only for a moment, and then took off again.
However, the pilot kept control of the plane thanks to the maneuver known as TO/GA (Take Off/Go Around). The plane flew around the airport and landed successfully. According to British Airways, all pilots regularly train to conduct the maneuver in emergency situations.
The issue in London was caused by Storm Erik that reached the British Isles a few days ago. The storm was accompanied by winds gusting to 31 m/s and heavy precipitation. Weather warnings were issued for Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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