Three women were injured in the incident, and two of them ended up in the hospital.
A dam collapsed at a mine of the Brazilian mining giant Vale.
Previously, the media reported that due to the slippery surface, the plane deviated from its trajectory when moving on the airfield, and got stuck in the snow.
The cause of the mass death is being investigated.
The object landed near a shopping center in the country’s third largest city.
The incident affected employees of the organization.
Deputy head of administration of Novaya Zemlya, Alexander Minaev, says local residents have been asking the authorities to handle the situation.
The incident occurred in the village of Zolotoe in the Krasnoarmeysky district of the region.
The pilot kept control of the plane thanks to the maneuver known as TO/GA (Take Off/Go Around).
A state of emergency was declared in the Bakinskaya stanitsa.
A video of lumberjacks waking up a hibernating bear has recently gone viral.
The Airbus A330-300 aircraft operation manual does not allow maintenance at temperatures below minus 40 degrees, so the aircraft had to ‘wait out’ the frost.
A sharp rise in air temperature led to the sudden melting of snow and heavy rains that hit the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, on Sunday.
In 2018, the number of shark attacks decreased by a quarter.
In March, employees of the Sverdlovsk Region Prosecutor’s Office will travel to the Dyatlov Pass to determine the causes of the tragedy.
The earthquake occurred at the border between Mexico and Guatemala.
On Friday, February 1, residents of Cuba saw a fireball in the sky over the island. People also heard the sounds of an explosion.
As a result of the earthquake, several miners were injured and one of the nine missing persons is yet to be found.
Dozens of fishermen were carried into the sea on floes that broke away from the coastal ice in Mordvinov Bay in southern Sakhalin.
A doctor explains what you should do in this situation and what actions should be avoided.
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