Overnight into Wednesday, December 12, the weather in Crimea deteriorated sharply.
At least nine people were killed and dozens injured.
Three passengers were washed away by the wave, two of them managed to get to the shore, while the search for the third person continues.
In 2006, Chris Barnes found a tiny kangaroo on the side of the road beside his dead mother, who was hit by a car.
Rescuers evacuated a local resident who had spent more than a day in an inflatable boat trapped in ice. The fisherman failed to get to shore on his own, as the ice was too thin for walking and the man did not have the strength to break the ice because his hands were frostbitten.
Christmas tree-stealing has become a Christmas tradition in Naples. It happens every year. Last year, the tree was stolen three times.
Last Tuesday, the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, became the third most polluted city in the world, while Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina was fifth.
Sochi is experiencing the consequences of heavy rainfall once again. A motorway bridge across the Chakhtsutsyr River has been partially destroyed due to an increase in the river water level.
Due to the passage of a cyclone on November 29, the apron and runway at Krasnodar International Airport were covered in snow, which resulted in flight delays.
All the animals died.
A commuter train derailed in the Catalan municipality of Vacarisses on Tuesday morning. The accident was likely caused by a landslide triggered by recent rains.
Researchers from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago say that Nepal and India have the dirtiest air on the planet.
The sinkhole swallowed two cars parked nearby.
According to scientists, a huge active supervolcano near Naples in Italy may be preparing for a new eruption.
The video shows construction equipment covered with spiders, while their web covers trees and bushes near the highway.
«This fire was the worst-case scenario. It’s an event we’ve been dreading for a long time,» Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said.
Local residents were warned in advance that the highway might be damaged by the rains.
Humans have been destroying animal and plant species so quickly that the mechanisms of nature cannot keep up with our actions.
About 20 animals, including both adults and cubs, have surrounded the village and pay occasional visits.
When the fishermen noticed the distressed animal, they contacted the coast guard, but they decided not to respond and suggested that the fishermen should leave the whale alone. But the concerned fishermen were not satisfied with the answer.
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