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Flooding in Spain: heavy rain leaves Madrid flooded

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Half a dozen bridges in the Spanish capital were destroyed by water during flash floods caused by heavy rain. Several subway lines and high-speed train connections with southern cities were closed on Monday morning.

Emergency services received about 1,200 calls overnight. Firefighters and police continue to search for a missing father and son in the rural area of Aldea del Fresno, southwest of Madrid. According to Javier Chivite, they were in a vehicle that got in an avalanche caused by the spate of the Alberche River.

The torrential rain that hit the country literally turned streets into rivers in Madrid, Castile, Catalonia, and Valencia. Hail also fell in some areas.

The heavy rain was waning on Monday morning, and some high-speed connections between Madrid and Andalusia resumed, but trains were operating at lower-than-normal speeds.

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