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Fire in Australia burning for thousands of years

  1. Elemental phenomena

When scientists first discovered Australia’s Burning Mountain in the 18th century, they mistook it for a volcano. However, in fact, they came across a very old coal fire that has not gone out for thousands of years.


It is located in Australia’s New South Wales. At a depth of about 30 meters, the fire has been burning for at least 6,000 years, reaching temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Despite the fact that the fire is underground, the smoke rising from the mountain is perfectly visible. It is unknown how the fire started, but it may have been triggered by a wildfire or a lightning strike.

Similar fires have been found in other parts of the world, for example, in China, the US, and India.

To admire the mysterious phenomenon, you need to visit the Burning Mountain Nature Reserve, which is less than a four-hour drive from Sydney.

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