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78 people injured as Typhoon Haikui hits Taiwan

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Emergency services reported 78 people injured or missing in Taiwan after Typhoon Haikui ripped across the island.

Typhoons Saola and Haikui. ©

A total of 1,429 typhoon-related incidents were recorded in the region. Most of the incidents were related to car accidents caused by fallen trees. Flooding was reported in 118 areas.

More than 271,000 households faced power outages, while at least 13,000 households were left without water. Taiwan’s government promised to address the issues on Monday.

About 8,000 people were evacuated to safety, with 95 shelters set up in 11 counties and cities.

Haikui hit southeastern Taiwan on September 3. The typhoon began to weaken on September 4, as it moved northwest towards China.

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