Ice eggs cover beach in Finland

An amazing phenomenon was observed on the coast of the Baltic Sea last Sunday, November 3. White ice balls covered Marjaniemi beach on Hailuoto island, Finland.

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According to local residents, the balls were shaped like eggs and looked creepy, like a sea monster spawn. Sunlight playing on the water and frozen ice added magic to the image.

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Photographer Risto Mattila captured the ‘ice eggs’ and posted the photos to his Instagram. According to him, he has lived by the sea for more than 20 years but has never seen anything like this.

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Experts say this rare phenomenon requires a certain combination of several natural factors: wind, temperature, and specific coastline. Cold waves roll over the fine sand, water accumulates around the grains of sand and freezes under the influence of the wind. A certain wind speed is needed for the formation of the ice balls. Amid light winds, the water would create an ordinary, even layer, while strong winds would prevent the balls from forming.


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