Moon, Jupiter and Ganymede meet at sunset: photo

On October 31, the crescent Moon passed by Jupiter, creating a beautiful sight in the evening sky over Europe. Most people saw only the Moon and Jupiter. But Peter Rosén from Stockholm, Sweden, spotted a third member of the conjunction. It was Ganymede — Jupiter’s seventh satellite and largest moon in the Solar System.

© Peter Rosén
«Ganymede is visible to the left of Jupiter,» Rosén says. «Coincidentally the three other Galilean satellites were in an extremely rare triple transit in front of Jupiter’s disc. Otherwise they would have been visible, too.»
Ganymede is a worthy addition to any conjunction. Jupiter’s giant moon is actually larger than the planet Mercury, and would eclipse our own moon if they were placed next to each other.
If you missed the show, don’t get discouraged. The Moon, Jupiter, and Ganymede will meet again on November 28.


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