Experts spend almost entire day eliminating consequences of storm in Sochi

A storm warning has been issued for Sochi. Overnight into Friday, heavy rain caused mudslides in mountainous regions. As a result, traffic between the settlements and the coast was disrupted.
The only road that was available to traffic was a dirt road. People hurrying to work in the morning tried to use it, but the rains washed it away, and there was a traffic jam.
Emergency services were sent to clear the debris, with heavy equipment working in the mudslide-hit areas 30 minutes after the event, before locals even knew about it.
First of all, experts cleared a path for pedestrians and then the road for vehicles. The works involved 50 people and more than ten units of special equipment.
Experts cleared the road in seven hours. The road surface was not damaged. Only one road section requires repairs, which are scheduled for the near future.
According to Pavel Ivanov, the head of the Krasnodar Crisis Management Center of EMERCOM of Russia, the Krasnodar region is still experiencing adverse weather conditions, including strong winds and hail. There is a chance of tornadoes over water and over land.


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