Ten places taken over by plants

Plants are beautiful, colorful and complex — from a tiny piece of moss to the largest tree in the jungle. And they look even more interesting when take over the land.
1. Wangaratta, Australia
One morning in 2016, residents of Wangaratta woke up to a town covered in a type of tumbleweed, known as ‘hairy panic’. A farmer, who failed to maintain his land against the growth of the plant, was to blame.
2. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel
© Forsaken Fotos | Flickr
The hotel in New York State was abandoned, as more people started choosing more interesting destinations. Grossinger’s is huge, but now its rooms and even the pool are covered with ferns, moss and vines.
3. Houtouwan
© Kenneth davon coles | Shutterstock
A small fishing village of Houtouwan located on China’s Shengshan Island was once a lively place, but people left it in the 1990s, as they did not want to live in such a remote and underserviced region.
4. Gottingen
© Grüne Jugend Göttingen
This nice university city in Germany caught the interest of the media in 2013 when activists planted marijuana there. All the plants were removed by the police.
5. Pripyat
© meunierd | Shutterstock
When the Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986, the city of Pripyat was completely evacuated. Now the city belongs to nature, with plants growing everywhere, even on the rooftops and on the seats of abandoned cars.
6. North Brother Island
© finitor | Flickr
In 1885, a hospital for those suffering from yellow fever and smallpox was built on North Brother Island, New York. Later on, the island served as veteran housing and then as a facility for drug addicts. People left the island in 1963, and nature has taken its toll. Now it is a bird sanctuary for black-crowned night herons.
7. The SS Ayrfield
© Duncan Struthers | SHutterstock
The SS Ayrfield was built in the UK in 1911 and registered in Sydney in 1912. During World War II, the ship delivered supplies to Australian soldiers under the name SS Corrimal. It changed hands several times, and in 1951, the ship was named Ayrfield. Over time, the ship has turned into a garden.
8. Clovis
New Mexico State was invaded by tumbleweed in 2016. This case is considered to be the most large-scale plant attack. People were trapped in their homes, and roads were impassable. Fortunately, the city authorities solved the problem and removed the tumbleweed from the city.
9. Cambodian temples
© GuoZhongHua | Shutterstock
The temple complex of Angkor Wat is widely known. The trees that have so gracefully covered the temples are strangler figs, and that’s not just a name. The trees strangle and crush anything they grow around.
10. Ross Island
© Matyas Rehak | Shutterstock
It is one of the Andaman Islands. Ross Island and its buildings — houses, hospital, a church, shops, and a large swimming pool — have been reclaimed by the roots of the ficus plant.


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