Some regions of Greece put on red alert due to fire hazard

Several regions of Greece have been put on the highest red alert due to fire hazard. It is caused by abnormally high temperatures accompanied by strong winds gusting to 41 meters per second. According to weather experts, the mercury will not drop below +41 in the coming day. There is a high risk of wildfires, as those regions have not seen rain in a long time.
Greek authorities have warned residents of Attica, Central Greece, and the Peloponnese about the situation. People are advised to follow safety precautions and be careful. Emergency services of the regions are on high alert. In case of fires, firefighters will immediately go to the scene.
Russians have also been warned about the red alert due to fire hazard in Greece. The information is available at the official Twitter account of the Crisis Management Center of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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