Several earthquakes recorded on Sunday morning

According to the US Geological Survey, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Indonesia on Sunday morning, August 11. The earthquake source was 51 kilometers deep in the sea, 85 kilometers from the nearest Indonesian city of Pariaman (West Sumatra Province), which is home to more than 90,000 people. No casualties and no destruction were reported. There was no tsunami threat.
Around the same time, the US Geological Survey recorded another earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0. The quake was felt 75 kilometers from the city of Pyrgos (Greece). The source was at a shallow depth of only 10 kilometers.
Greek authorities did not disclose information about the number of victims and destruction.
Earlier, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Turkey. It damaged many buildings and injured several people.


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