Flash floods in Irkutsk region: 23 people killed and 8 missing

According to the press service of the EMERCOM in the Irkutsk region, the death toll from of the flash floods in the region has increased to 23 people. There are currently 8 missing persons. It was previously reported that 2 out of 10 missing persons were found alive.
© EMERCOM of Russia
The total death toll has increased to 442 people, but 3,212 people have sought medical care since the beginning of the floods in the region.
As of July 8, the water levels in the Oka, Belaya, Irkut and Kitoy Rivers rose by 15 to 60cm.
A state of emergency was declared in the Irkutsk region on June 27. The flash floods began on June 25 as a result of heavy rains. The Angara River’s left tributaries Biryusa, Uda, Chuna, Iya and Oka overflowed their banks. The water flooded 10,900 homes and more than 11,000 plots in 110 settlements. The region broke the rainfall record.


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