What are Zodiacal Lights?

When the Sun goes down and the sunset glow disappears, you can see mysterious Zodiacal Lights that stretch upward from the horizon, forming a pale glowing triangle. Ruslan Merzlyakov photographed the phenomenon on February 5 from Lønstrup, Denmark.
«It was a truly magical evening as the Zodiacal Lights were incredibly visible with the naked eye,» the photographer said.
© Ruslan Merzlyakov | Spaceweather.com
Zodiacal Lights are sunlight reflected from interplanetary dust. Dim glow stretches along the ecliptic plane, occupying sections of the zodiac circle. February, March and April are the best months to observe Zodiacal Lights as the ecliptic plane is almost vertically above the horizon.
Since Zodiacal Lights are very faint, you need exceptional darkness to see them. Nights around the New Moon , when the Moon does not illuminate the sky, are the most suitable. Zodiacal Lights can be observed both after sunset and before sunrise. The next New Moons are expected on March 6 and April 5.


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