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More than 100 houses collapse in China after strong earthquake
Emergency rescue teams have been sent to the affected areas.
7 August 14:28
Heavy rain turns roads into rivers in Beijing: photos
Doksuri was one of the strongest typhoons to hit China in recent years.
2 August 12:26
Wildfires on Rhodes force 30,000 people to evacuate
The wildfire situation in southern Rhodes, Greece, is out of control.
25 July 13:58
Powerful earthquake occurs near Alaska, prompting tsunami warning
A 7.4-magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Alaska.
17 July 13:00
Drinking water supply significantly reduced due to heavy rains in Delhi
Three water treatment plants have been flooded in India’s capital Delhi as a result of heavy rains.
16 July 13:57
Volcanic eruption begins near Iceland’s capital: video
Previously, the volcano erupted in 2021 and 2022, and back then, it was a major tourist attraction.
13 July 10:21
European Union to double firefighting fleet to combat wildfires
Additional firefighters will be sent to Southern Europe.
2 June 16:49
Fire in Australia burning for thousands of years
When scientists first discovered Australia’s Burning Mountain in the 18th century, they mistook it for a volcano.
29 May 11:57
Huge sunspot that can be seen without telescope appears on Sun
Remember to use eclipse glasses to block UV and infrared rays.
26 May 10:11
How many hectares of forests are burning in Russia? Data as of May 14
According to the Aerial Forest Protection Service, as of 00:00 on May 14, there were 64 wildfires covering 25,932 hectares in Russia.
15 May 8:50
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