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Why do speedometers go to 200 km/h, even if cars cannot drive that fast?

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Speedometers usually go to 200 km/h, even though the cars are not designed to go that fast. Experts from TechInsider have found out why this is the case.


Cost-saving. If there are several versions of the same model that differ in engine and other characteristics, it is easier to make the dashboard suitable for top-performance vehicles.

Marketing ploy. When the buyer is presented with two identical cars with speedometers maxing out at 150 km/h and 200 km/h, the choice is clear.  

Convenience. If the dashboard is made in accordance with the speed limit in a particular country, highway driving will push the needle all the way to the edge. But if it tops out at 200 km/h, the line will stay mostly vertical on the gauge, and the speed will be easy to see at a glance.

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