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How many people could Tyrannosaurus rex eat in one day?

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The idea that humans and dinosaurs could have lived side by side is so attractive that researchers are constantly thinking about it. For example, they wonder how many humans a T. rex would need to eat each day to stay alive. Zoologist Luis Villazon tried to answer this question, Vokrug Sveta reports.

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Since little is known about T. rex, the diet of modern predators needs to be studied first. For example, a crocodile eats about five per cent of its body weight per week, while a lion needs to eat 25 per cent of its body weight, as it is a warm-blooded animal.

Villazon believes that T. rex probably had a metabolism somewhere in between. Therefore, it would need about 15 per cent of its body weight. An adult T. rex weighed about seven tons, so it would need more than one ton of meat per week, or about two people (143 kilograms) a day.

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