Solar eclipse over UAE ‘highlights’ camel

Photographer Joshua Cripps made this impressive photo in front of a solar eclipse. It took a well-planned trip to the United Arab Emirates, careful alignments, and accurate timings.
One week before the New Year, people on Earth had an opportunity to observe an annular solar eclipse, in which the moon passes in front of and partly obscures the sun, leaving a ring of light around its edges. This image was taken at sunrise, when the moon was just beginning to obscure the sun, forming a crescent.
Forward scattering of sunlight, dominated by quantum mechanical diffraction, gives the camel hair and rope fray an unusual glow.
A solar eclipse can only occur at New Moon, when the Earth-facing side of the moon is not illuminated, and only if the moon is located near the intersection of the visible orbits of the moon and the sun.
The next solar eclipse will also be an annular one and will occur on June 21, 2020.


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