Female astronaut who set new record returns to Earth

On February 6, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying three astronauts from the International Space Station landed safely in Kazakhstan, using parachutes.
One of the astronauts, Christina Koch from NASA, spent 328 days on the ISS, which makes her the new record holder for longest continuous time in space by a woman. She spent 39 days longer in space than the previous record holder, Peggy Whitson.

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The duration of Christina Koch’s mission was not the only remarkable feature of her experience on the ISS. She also participated in the first all-female spacewalk with NASA astronaut Jessica Meir on October 18, 2019.
«We caught each other’s eye and we knew that we were really honored with this opportunity to inspire so many,» Christina told reporters.
When asked what she will miss after a long stay in orbit, Christina Koch mentioned her fellow astronauts and having fun in microgravity.
Now the record-setting astronaut plans to spend time at the beach near her home and go surfing. She says she will try to spend every free minute outdoors, in nature, because she simply can’t do it without it.


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