Weasel from Voronezh Nature Reserve is not dressed for the weather

Alexander Cheremukhin, an employee of Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Reserve, took a photo of a weasel and shared it on the reserve’s social media account.
The caption reads: ‘where’s the snow?’
Indeed, the animal has changed from its summer coat to its snow-white winter coat, but the camouflage is not helping the weasel since everything around is brown and green. The animal, which is not dressed for the weather, looks great in the photo, and it is perfectly visible amid ‘fall’ scenery.
However, snowless winter can cost the animal its life. The fact is that weasels, like many other animals, change their coat to white in winter so they can hide from predators or hunt down their prey. This year, the white coat can be seen from afar.


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