‘Artificial humans’ from Samsung may replace real people

South Korea-based Samsung has unveiled its new AI assistant project called Neon, or ‘Artificial Human’. The video simulation is based on the AI technology enabling Neon to express emotions, speak different languages, and behave as realistically as possible.
The project was first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7. In fact, Neon is a more advanced version of the already popular voice assistants like Alisa from Yandex or Alexa from Amazon.
However, Samsung intends to go beyond the usual software add-ons and says that Neon is not just a virtual assistant. According to the company, super-realistic ‘artificial humans’ can replace real experts in areas where verbal skills and the ability to convey information and emotions are important (TV anchors, actors, instructors).
The company hopes that both large businesses and ordinary consumers will be interested in the new product. The release of the first software products with Neon assistants is scheduled for 2020.


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