Scientists design T-shirt that can charge smartphones

Scientists from the University of Málaga have invented a T-shirt made of environmentally friendly and inexpensive materials that can generate electricity, based on the temperature difference between the environment and the body. The prototype is called E-textile.

© Universidad de Málaga
Even tomato skin is used in the production of E-textile. Ethanol is derived from it, water and carbon nanoparticles are added. The resulting biological ink is applied to cotton. As the temperature rises, the substance penetrates the material, attaches to the fibers, and acquires electrical properties similar to those of tellurium, germanium, or lead.
During active movement, the human body releases more heat, and the T-shirt begins to produce electricity.
The researchers continue to work on the development of devices that can be integrated into the textiles. Perhaps in the near future, clothing will be able to emit light (useful for pedestrians in the dark) or even charge gadgets.


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