Scientists determine how many tasks person can do simultaneously

Progressive managers often imagine themselves to be highly energetic people who can do several tasks at once like Caesar. However, an experiment conducted at the University of Oregon has shown that even the most productive people should not delude themselves: in fact, a person can simultaneously concentrate on no more than four tasks.

That limit seems to be predetermined by nature itself, and scientists believe that the situation cannot be improved by strong will or training.
Experts also found a strong correlation between our short-term memory and intelligence levels. For example, people with high IQ can do several tasks at once, but they would fail stress test or would be generally ineffective at work. Despite the impressive capacity, the memory of those people would prevent them from concentrating and doing the work efficiently. Those people are prone to reflection and analysis, but in reality, the results of that reflection are rarely good.
The research was funded by the United States and the US National Science Foundation.


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