Oceans may be hidden under ice on Jupiter’s moon

The largest planet in our system, Jupiter, is also famous for its moons, and Europa is one of the most interesting space bodies among them.
Europa is completely covered with ice and is almost perfectly smooth. Many people think an ocean could be hidden under the ice layer.

One of the latest studies has found possible water plumes on the surface of the moon.
At the turn of this century, the Galileo spacecraft found that Europa has inhomogeneous magnetosphere, and that’s possible if liquid water is hidden under the surface layers of ice
The W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii used a spectrograph to analyze the chemical composition of the moon and reveal the potential for the existence of certain molecules there.
NASA planetary scientist Lucas Paganini detected powerful water splashes on the surface of Europa. Those ‘fountains’ released more than two tons of water per second.
In 2025, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration plans to send a probe to Europa to make sure that scientists are right about the presence of water on the moon.


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