New Year’s Eve dinner on ISS: what do astronauts eat?

Alexander Agureev, the head of the nutrition department making a diet plan for astronauts, has announced what dishes will be served to astronauts on the ISS to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

There will be olives, pistachios, cranberries, ginger, honey, chocolate, and candies. According to Agureev, for many years, astronauts have had black caviar for New Year’s Eve dinner but this year the tradition will be broken, since the caviar will not be delivered for unknown reasons.
In addition, the astronauts will get ketchup, horseradish, onions and garlic, fruits and vegetables. The products will be delivered to the ISS aboard the Progress-MS-13 cargo spacecraft.
The spacecraft will be sent a few weeks before the New Year’s Eve — the launch is scheduled for December 6 — but all the products have a long shelf life and will be good enough for the holiday.
As previously reported, six astronauts are currently aboard the space station, including two Russians, Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka.


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