Scientists find a place on Earth that has no life

Previously, scientists assumed that life exists in all corners of the Earth, since many microbes have learned to adapt and survive in the most extreme conditions. An article published in the Nature journal refutes this theory. It turns out that there is a picturesque place, the aggressive environment of which prevents any living microorganism from surviving. We are talking about the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia.

There are the Dallol geothermal springs covered with bizarrely colored lakes. At first glance, the area seems to be beautiful and unusual, but it is extremely dangerous.

Beneath those lakes is a volcano crater that regularly releases toxic gas. There is no life in the lakes because of a high concentration of magnesium, high acidity and salinity.

In 2016 and 2018, researchers analyzed several samples taken at different parts of Dallol. Initially, the analysis showed the presence of bacteria. But later on, scientists came to the conclusion that the result was false, and the bacteria found were laboratory contaminants or traces left by numerous experts who worked in the area of the study.

The authors believe the geothermal springs to be a place on Earth that has no life. This statement proves that the existence of water on a planet does not necessarily mean the existence of life.


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