Cygnus spacecraft delivers baking oven to ISS

NASA’s Cygnus spacecraft, launched on an Antares rocket from the Virginia spaceport, docked with the International Space Station.

On Monday, Cygnus approached the ISS, and using a robotic arm, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir helped the spacecraft to dock. Further actions were carried out by NASA employees.
Cygnus was sent to deliver the cargo for the astronauts to continue their operations. Some experimental items were sent to the ISS along with everyday items and equipment for scientific activities.
For example, there was a vest that can protect astronauts from radiation in space. It may be used during missions on the Moon and on Mars.
In addition, a baking oven was sent to the station for the astronauts to be able to cook in space. Another unexpected item was a plastic recycler that would turn space station trash into 3D printing stock.


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