Rain and wind dislodge a boat stranded on rocks for 100 years

A boat stranded on the rocks above Niagara Falls for more than a century has been unmoored by strong winds and heavy rains.
Weather conditions on Thursday, October 31, pushed the boat away from its rocky perch and closer to the falls on the Canadian side, according to the Niagara Parks Commission.
In a video taken on Friday, official Jim Hill says the rusty barge appears to have flipped on its side and spun around (it is not moving at the moment).
In 1918, a dumping scow was detached from a tug boat while dredging, and then got stranded in the Niagara River, about 600 meters from Horseshoe Falls, one of three separate waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls.
Local law enforcement agencies tried to rescue the two men on board, James Harris and Gustav Lofberg. It was too dangerous to use a boat, so buoys were launched into the water instead, but their lines became tangled. With the help of a brave World War I vet named William Hill, the lines were untangled and the men were rescued the next day.
The Niagara Parks employees continue to monitor the boat. They say the barge might be stuck in a new trap for days or for years.


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