Scientists discover one of world’s oldest settlement

One of the world’s oldest settlement was discovered in Northern China’s Huade County. According to Chinese and American archaeologists, it could date back to 9,000 years ago.
As reported by Xinhua, the estimate is based on radiocarbon dating. The settlement was built in the Neolithic period.
Over the past two years, the scientists have discovered 19 ancient buildings and 19 outdoor cooking ranges. As of today, excavations have been carried out on 2,200 square meters.
Interestingly, the facilities differ in shape, with both round and rectangular ones found among them. Several thousand artifacts, including ceramic shards, stone tools, and bone fragments, were also recovered from the ground in the region.
The discovery of the settlement is another important step in the study of the Neolithic period and the origin of civilization in what is now China.


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