Survival depends on equipment

A team of Italian and Japanese scientists found that projectile weapons used by Cro-Magnons in the European territory appeared about 20,000 years earlier than previously thought. And that may have been one of the decisive factors in getting Neanderthals out of the picture.
© Katsuhiro Sano / Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University
An article by the archaeologists from Tohoku University proved that projectile weapons like spear thrower-darts or a bow and arrow appeared on the European continent about 45,000 years ago. These inventions allowed Cro-Magnons to hunt more successfully than Neanderthalsl, which means that technical advances helped them survive and reproduce.
Until today, it was not entirely clear why modern humans could increase their population size after migrating to Europe and successfully occupy new territories.
The scientists studied more than 100 crescent-shaped fragments found in the Grotta del Cavallo cave in Italy. The items belonged to the first Upper Paleolithic culture — the Uluzzian culture.
Each fragment was microscopically analyzed, and the experts compared microscopic cracks and other impact traces to the ones found on already known artifacts. They were similar. According to the scientists, it proves that the devices were used in hunting.


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