‘Portal’ found behind old wallpaper in St. Petersburg

Residents of 24 Kirochnaya Street in St. Petersburg have reported an interesting discovery on social media. They have found a mysterious and previously unknown room.
Residents have previously reported interesting historical and architectural features of the building, but this time they were particularly surprised. The owners of one of the apartments decided to put up new wallpaper. When the old wallpaper was removed from the walls, they found a hatch.
As if a mysterious portal to the unknown, the hatch was closed, with ‘1902 I.E. Kuzmischev’ stamped on the large lock.
When the ‘portal’ was opened, it turned out that the passage leads to a secret room above the lobby. The dome-shaped room is made of wooden beams and concrete.
Now residents are wondering if there is a similar room in another part of the building.


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