Unique ‘Matryoshka’ diamond found in Yakutia

An unusual diamond with another diamond found inside was mined at the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant in Yakutia. It was dubbed ‘Matryoshka’ due to its resemblance to a nesting doll. Employees of the Yakutsk Diamond Trading Enterprise found the diamond during the sorting process.
Experts from ALROSA’s Research and Development Geological Enterprise, who studied the gemstone, said they had never seen such an interestingly shaped mineral; this is the first case in the history of global diamond mining. According to scientists, the diamond may be over 800 million years old. It weighs 124 grams, or 0.62 carats, while the ‘nested’ diamond has an estimated weight of just 0.02 carats.
The most interesting thing for researchers is to find out how a cavity has formed between the two stones. There are two hypotheses. According to the first version, a mantle mineral captured a diamond during its growth, and later it was dissolved. According to the second hypothesis, a layer of porous substance was formed inside the mineral, and it was subsequently dissolved.
Cavities rarely form in natural objects. Experts say nature does not like emptiness.


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