Animals in Moscow Zoo are about to go into hibernation

On October 1, there was a seasonal schedule change in the Moscow Zoo. It has switched to its winter schedule, and now you can visit the zoo from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The schedule has been adjusted so that employees and animals can better adapt to shorter daylight hours and the onset of cold weather. Ring-tailed lemurs, Sue the tapir, orangutans, meerkats, and Ksyusha the pygmy hippopotamus have already moved to their winter enclosures.
Some animals are about to go into hibernation, with marmots to be the first to do that. Animals have a special diet before hibernation. For example, jerboas get a lot of high-fat seeds to gain weight and prepare for winter.
Despite the fact that many animals will go into hibernation, it does not mean that the zoo will be empty. Polar bears and pandas do not hibernate. Sometimes visitors will be able to see raccoons, as they will wake up several times during the winter to eat and check if spring has arrived.


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