Anchors from St. Paul’s ship discovered

Bibliologists from the BASE Institute claim to have identified anchors that allegedly belonged to the ship of one of the Twelve Apostles of Christ. According to Christian sources, the ship sank near Malta in 60 A.D.
Archaeologists used an interesting algorithm in the search. They chose the Acts of the Apostles (a famous religious text full of historical and geographical details) as their main source. As recorded in Acts chapter 27 describing Paul’s journey, the crew decided to take shelter from bad weather in a bay.
Having reconstructed the possible route of the ship and having compared it to the details from the source, the scientists concluded that it was St. Thomas Bay. There, at a depth of 27 meters, divers found four Roman anchors, allegedly lost by the crew while trying to secure an anchor. However, it happened a long time ago, and only one of the anchors has been preserved, while the rest were melted down.


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