Shipwreck hunters find American ‘ghost ship’ that sank more than century ago

American shipwreck hunters studying Lake Superior in the United States have found the freighter Hudson that sank in 1901. According to sources, there were 25 crew members aboard. People failed to find the ship back then, so local residents came up with a legend about a ghost ship that emerges on the surface on the anniversary of the day it sank.
But there are more inquiring minds out there today. In particular, shipwreck hunters Kraig Smith and Jerry Eliason decided to analyze the memories of eyewitnesses and printed sources more objectively.
Thus, newspapers of the time reported that the Hudson was a sturdy steel vessel and one of the fastest ships on the lakes. And the captain was so fond of his ship that he was «wedded to the Hudson».
In September 1901, the Hudson left Duluth carrying a load of wheat and flax, but it was hit by a storm and failed to reach its destination. Smith and Eliason studied the probable shipwreck site using sonar technology. As a result, the ship was found at a depth of 250 meters, and it was very intact.


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