Bunch of grapes sold for $11,000 — how’s that possible?

According to the Japanese agency Kyodo, a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes was sold at an auction for record 1.2 million yen, or more than $11,000. The buyer explained why he offered such a price: the grapes are expensive since the breed came to market 12 years ago.
About 26,000 bunches are expected to be sold this year.
Ruby Roman grapes in a store. One yen corresponds to about 60 kopecks. © 極地狐
Ruby Roman is a premium grape variety grown and sold exclusively in Ishikawa Prefecture. The grapes are the size of a ping-pong ball. The first bunches were sold in 2008 and cost 100,000 yen, or $910, per bunch ($26 per berry).
The grapes are strictly checked — their sugar content should be at least 18%, and each grape should weigh at least 20 grams (30 grams for premium class).


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