How does a lunar еclipse affect human health?

There will be a lunar eclipse overnight into July 17. It is believed that eclipses can affect the behavior and health of living beings, including humans. But experts say there is no reason to make such conclusions, RIA Novosti reports.
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«From the point of view of physics, chemistry and medicine, a lunar eclipse does not have a direct impact on human health,» said Ruslan Koshelev, deputy medical director at Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute.
According to him, studies on the issue were conducted in the United States and Asia. Emergency room statistics during lunar eclipses were checked, and there was no difference in the number of calls compared to other days.
Koshelev added that sensibility might be the cause of health issues. He recommends that people get some rest and get away from bad thoughts by reading a book, meeting friends, or doing sport.
Psychiatrist Lev Perezhogin also thinks that an eclipse can affect people only if they are anxious and believe in the power of eclipses.


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