How much plastic does person ingest?

Millions of tons of plastic that end up in the ocean every year, cause irreparable harm to human health. Researchers from Canada have estimated how much plastic gets into the human body. The results of the study were published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.
Recent studies have shown that plastic is everywhere: it is found in organisms of marine creatures, tap water, and beer. An average resident of the United States (and most likely of any other country) ingests about 312 microplastic particles a day, or 121,700 particles a year.
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The particles are ingested with food, water and air. Plastic gets into food during processing, for example, from table salt. The particles are also found in bottled water.
The authors of the research analyzed dozens of studies showing how many plastic particles are in a particular product. WHO data were used to determine water and food consumption. In their study, the authors took into account the number of particles in the water and air consumed. However, not all food products were studied, scientists say.
The data set allowed the researchers to calculate the amount of plastic ingested by people every day. These data can help to determine the real threat of using plastic for humans.


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