Siberian tiger population growing in Primorsky region

According to the authorities of the Primorsky region, the Siberian tiger population includes more than 400 individuals. Hunting Department Director Dmitry Pankratov associates a 15% increase with a good food supply and special measures to protect the animals.
Between 420 and 440 Siberian tigers are currently living in the Primorsky region.
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In 1995, the Siberian tiger was included in the Red List of Threatened Species, and measures are being taken at the legislative level to preserve the species. By 2007, the population had peaked over the past hundred years. 2008 saw the launch of a program to study the Siberian tiger in the Far East using modern methods, including satellite collars, camera traps, etc. Since 2013, the Amur Tiger Center, founded at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been trying to conserve the species and increase the Siberian tiger population.
Such long-term and well-organized work to save the species has come to fruition.


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