Alice in Wonderland garden: abstract images of plants

Some photographers like to capture people, while others prefer botanical stories at different locations from gardens to forests. The latter took part in the annual International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition, organized by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The winners were announced on Friday, February 8.
For the twelfth year in a row, photographers from around the world submit their images of plants. The competition involves various photos from abstract dried leaves to gardens full of lavender, mountainous terrain of Patagonia, or squirrels in search of berries. The winner of the 2019 competition was Jill Welham from the UK, who captured flowering plants next to green onions using an old and complicated technique known as wet cyanotype. Other winners were from Hungary, Montenegro, and Indonesia.
«Jill’s image has proven that even old techniques are still capable of relevance, originality and immense beauty,» said Managing Director of the competition, Tyrone McGlinchey.
This year more than 100 people took part in all the categories from botanical abstractions to gardens. The most original and surreal photos can be seen in the Abstract Views category, and they hardly resemble images of plants.
© Jill Welham
Several images of sunflower petals on top of each other. © Jane Simmonds
Flowers frozen in ice. © Dianne English
Multiple exposure image of flowers. © Jo Stephen
Berkheya purpurea. © Jacky Parker
Lilies in a pond. © Alma Bibolotti
The underside of poppies. © Lizzy Petereit
Composite dandelion image. © Jo Stephen
Nigella and polarized ice. © Dianne English


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