Entire north pole of Uranus engulfed by storm

Uranus, a huge gaseous world 2,875 million kilometers from the Sun, is always stormy.
The Hubble Space Telescope spotted a storm inside the planet’s blue-green atmosphere, and NASA posted the image online.
The entire north pole of Uranus is engulfed by a «huge bright stormy cloud cap», NASA says.
«Scientists believe this new feature is a result of Uranus’ unique rotation,» NASA adds, noting that unlike other planets in our solar system, Uranus is tilted to one side. As a result, the sun is shining non-stop onto the planet’s north pole during its long summer, triggering large-scale atmospheric changes.
Beneath the huge polar storm is a smaller, compact white cloud of methane, NASA notes.
The space agency also spotted a new storm brewing on Neptune. This dark spot near the top of the planet is mysterious, as these huge dark storms appear and disappear relatively quickly.
«The feature is the fourth and latest mysterious dark vortex captured by Hubble since 1993,» NASA says.
NASA plans to continue monitoring weather on these cold, distant gas giants to better understand extraterrestrial storms.


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