Winter crane flies wake up in Voronezh because of thaw

Winter crane flies woke up in the forests and parks of Voronezh because of the thaw. These insects are active during the cold season, early spring or late autumn and can get out from under the tree bark at above-freezing temperatures even in winter.
According to social media reports, winter crane flies were seen in the Novokhopersky district of the Voronezh region and in the Chizhovka neighborhood in Voronezh.
Unlike common house mosquitoes that drink our blood, adult winter crane flies do not touch anyone and rely entirely on their stocks accumulated during the larval stage. Their younger generations feed on organic remains that rot in the soil.
© James Lindsey
Winter crane flies (Trichoceridae) have thin elongated body, long legs, wings and antennae. From November to March, when there are no migratory birds, they wait for warm weather to get out and produce offspring.


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