Zoologists help baby seal Kroshik remove ice from his pool

Zoologists helped baby seal Kroshik remove the ice from his pool, Regnum reports. The baby seal, who lives next to people in Solnechnoye, St. Petersburg, could have died in the ice-covered pond.
Kroshik tried to take precautions, punching a hole in the ice to breathe. But the zoologists, who are constantly watching the animals, considered the hole to be unreliable. If the temperature continued to decrease, the ‘window’ would have been covered with ice and Kroshik would have been left without air.
Using a sledgehammer, Kroshik’s helpers cleared the ice from the pool completely. Moreover, the zoologists will monitor the pond to prevent its complete icing.
Kroshik was found near the village of Sviritsa in the Leningrad region in March 2016. The seal was sent to the Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Center in Repino, where he was cared for. Scientists tried to set him free, but the seal did not want to leave people and eventually settled in the pool in Solnechnoye.


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