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Ten most unusual facts about trees
Trees are not as simple as they may seem at first glance.
18 September 11:35
Mars has way fewer minerals than Earth
Researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science have reported a significant difference between Mars and our planet.
13 September 10:27
Iceland resumes whaling
Hopes for the end of whaling have been dashed.
11 September 10:22
Seat to stop making cars
The company will stop producing cars due to a significant decline in sales.
10 September 15:35
Japan sets launch date for country’s first lunar spacecraft
Japan plans to launch its H-IIA rocket on September 7.
5 September 17:07
Innovative robotic ‘hand’ can help musicians recover from neurotrauma
Scientists have developed an automatic ‘smart hand’ to help musicians who have had a stroke.
5 September 15:49
Fragments of ancient continents hiding under Antarctica
A team of German and British scientists has identified the remnants of long-lost continents beneath the ice of Antarctica.
5 September 15:48
Several cities found around Jerusalem may be part of King David’s kingdom
New evidence could help scientists determine if David truly ruled over a large empire or it is just a Biblical tale without historical proof.
4 September 17:05
Birds and honey badgers team up to steal honey from bees
Scientists conducted over 400 interviews with representatives of African tribes. It turned out that more than 60 percent of honey-hunters in Tanzania witnessed birds and honey badgers working together to steal honey and beeswax.
4 September 16:10
Scientists predict “population correction”
Although the global population growth is slowing down, the world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people.
4 September 13:56
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