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In a video, residents of China show their frozen doors, windows, clothes and food, and conduct various experiments to demonstrate the degree of cold.
Remote villages and settlements in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area have been cut off from the rest of the world because of the warm weather that interferes with winter vehicle crossings.
In recent decades, Tehran’s groundwater aquifers are being rapidly depleted, which leads to the formation of voids.
Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause sunburn and skin irritation, as well as eye burns and corneal damage, cataract and other diseases.
An image of the binary star LL (AFGL 3068) in the constellation Pegasus made users doubt whether the object in the photo was a galaxy or a nebula. This star system, located at a distance of 3,000 light years, was discovered by the Hubble telescope in 2010.
The largest snowflake was discovered in 1887. It was 38.1cm in diameter and 20.3cm thick.
One of the most spectacular meteor showers will peak overnight into Friday, December 14.
About 360,000 people are expected to visit Krasnaya Polyana resorts during the holiday season.
The data sent by the probe indicated that it had crossed the boundary of the solar system and reached interstellar space.
The reduction in the number of Russian crew members at the station from three to two is cited as the reason for an increase in overwork.
Have a look at the new images from Juno and try to find a dolphin in Jovian clouds.
The comet is now shining like a star of 5th magnitude in the constellation Eridanus. Its faint glow is easily overwhelmed by city lights, but in the countryside the comet can be seen even without special optics.
Residents of the US town of Severance in Colorado had been banned from throwing snowballs for a hundred years. Snowballs were considered to be ‘missiles’.
It turns out that the flat-tailed house gecko can not only stick to walls and glide through the air, but also run on water.
After a devastating wildfire, a dog named Madison had been waiting for the owners near their burnt down house in Paradise, California, for almost a month,
The image taken in 1968 by the commander of the Apollo 8 mission, Frank Borman, became a symbol of environmental campaigns.
According to a new concept, space time is empty, but behaves almost like popcorn with more negative masses continuously popping into existence.
For the first time in space history, we can hear the wind on Mars.
Chang’e 4 will be the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the Moon.
The cargo ship was launched on Wednesday, December 5, on a Falcon 9 rocket. The launch was not a complete success.
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