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Decades of space activities have left millions of faulty objects and their fragments in orbit.
After sunset on February 13, the Arctic sky turned green.
Comet Iwamoto’s last passage through the solar system was around 648 AD.
A giant filament of plasma is dancing along the northwestern edge of the Sun, rising more than 150,000km above its surface.
Global warming is causing a gender imbalance in sea turtle populations, which may increase and lead to their complete extinction.
The animals smelled fresh fish and approached a group of fishermen. People didn’t try to drive the animals away and shared their catch.
You think this all-seeing eye is watching you? No, it’s just a nebula in the constellation Aquarius.
The unexpected outbreak of geomagnetic activity produced a green glow that rivaled the waxing Crescent Moon, and moonlit snow framed the magnificent scene.
Sit back and enjoy amazing satellite images.
The cloud pattern is known as a von Kármán vortex, and it can be observed in a variety of places on the planet.
The project envisaged the establishment of a colony of about 40 people on Mars in the form of a reality show.
The most beautiful phenomena that nature gives to people in love.
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said the Hayabusa2 probe would land on the Ryugu asteroid at 8 a.m. local time on February 22, just as planned.
An owlet needed help during severe frost and heavy snow last week.
Animals that pass the mirror test are believed to have self-awareness.
They look very cute, but they are completely unknown. Let’s change that.
A skier captured a beatiful halo at a resort in British Columbia.
The smart animals made an improvised ladder from a large tree branch propped up against a wall.
The image was taken right after sunset.
Australian scientists claim they have found out the reason why the potential aliens are silent. Their conclusions were published in the Astrobiology journal.
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